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Investing in Off-Plan Property

Investment in Off-plan and New-Build properties is a proven strategy for generating income. With our expertise, you will benefit from better deals and professional analysis of market data. We will share with you our knowledge of London areas, their current infrastructure and Council plans for redevelopment.


Investing in Development Projects

We offer our clients exclusive joint venture opportunities with reputable property developers that have proven track record of project delivery. We focus on residential development projects up to 100 units in the fast-growing London areas and UK Regional cities. We specialise in searching for development land.



The demand for good quality residential houses and apartments priced competitively is always high in London, and it’s hard to find a "gem." We utilize our comprehensive knowledge of areas and professional network to bring you the best options. We manage negotiations and acquisition process saving your time and money.


Rental Search

We will help you select the property in the area that will fit your preferred lifestyle. We will advise you on the required budget, negotiate all the rental terms on your behalf, and oversee all the legalities of your tenancy making sure all contract terms are fair and transparent for you. So, you can enjoy your stay.


What service you can expect from us

First meeting

We will provide you with a free initial expert consultation. During the meeting, you will receive an overview of the current state of real estate market and its trends. Our expert will help you define critical parameters of your ideal property.

Service Contract sign off

We sign a service agreement with you.

Analysis of options

Our expert will do thorough research on the options that meet your criteria. You will receive an invaluable comparative study of the options.


Our specialist visits every property from the shortlist and checks that it is in line with your requirement. At this stage, many apartments and houses are cut off by our specialist because very often photos and floor plans will not show unfavorable specifics.


Our expert will organize and accompany you for viewings of the best properties.

Financial budgeting

Once you’ve made your choice, our expert will provide you with a detailed calculation of all acquisition costs involved so that you can make an informed decision.

Price negotiation

Our expert will use their market knowledge, tough negotiating skills, and experience to secure the right property at the best possible price.

Transaction management and support

Our expert will guide you through the exchange and completion. Our expert will take care of all the formalities and liaise with your solicitor, banker, valuation, and tax specialists. So, the acquisition process will become comfortable for you.

Property management (optional)

You will be offered our property management services and introduced to our property management specialist.

School selection (optional)

You will be offered a free initial consultation with a professional private education consultant.

Our mission is to bring best opportunities to our clients. We aim to help clients to grow their wealth!

UK Property Advisors is an independent property buying agent and advisor.

We focus on providing solutions to our clients who consider buying London properties and investing in residential development projects.

We are committed to empowering property buyers and investors with sophisticated data, inspiration, and knowledge around homes.

During the years of work in the local market, we have gained invaluable practical knowledge and experience in real estate in London.

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