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Many experts and professionals believe that the British real estate market is capable of overcoming the challenges associated with COVID-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath. In their opinion, with the UK’s experience of dealing with unprecedented economic consequences, Britain has a chance to turn the current crisis in its favour, as evidenced by the continuing demand among international and local investors for investments in British real estate.

Andrew Burrell, the chief real estate economist at Capital Economics, gave the following forecast regarding the future development of the UK real estate market:

“The picture today is fundamentally different to 2008. Markets will recover much more quickly than they did after the Great Financial Crisis when we saw many consecutive quarters of decline. Over time, markets have become more stable, as well as the real estate market. I believe that the demand for liquid real estate in the UK, USA and Germany will remain high, and the markets of these countries will begin recovering by fall”.

Relying on the Land Registry data, we can conclude that the market indeed has quieted down, and many transactions have been paused. However, there has not yet been a reduction in value over the past month in the UK residential real estate market, and it is expected that by the end of summer - early fall of 2020, sales will increase, and improvement will be seen.

We have analysed the research and forecast of all the leaders in the UK real estate market, and we can confirm, that the social crisis caused by the COVID-19 will not affect the UK market like it will affect the EU market. The British government is implementing a number of measures to stabilise the situation in the country, while experienced investors are using the situation in their favour by investing in real state, the liquidity of which will increase significantly in the future.

For those who are looking for an interesting investment opportunity, we have a special offer to purchase an investment company that owns 5 one-bedroom apartments in the liquid areas of London.

The key advantages of this investment:

    • A well-designed, ready-made property portfolio of liquid assets, providing ease of management;
    • The portfolio is effectively structured to ensure tax efficiency and maximisation of profits;
    • Purchasing an investment portfolio rather than individual units separately, significantly reduces the Stamp Duty tax;
    • Three out of five apartments are rented out with long-term tenancy contracts and generate monthly income. The completion of the other two apartments is scheduled for September 2020. By then, the quarantine will be over, and the remaining flats could be effortlessly rented out;
    • All apartments are located in new developments with excellent infrastructure and walking distance to public transport: tube, trains and buses;
    • One bedroom apartments in London are always in demand by both local and international tenants and buyers;
    • Low maintenance costs due to the facilities being new or almost new;
    • We will gladly take on the task of managing the apartments;
    • A brilliant strategy and an opportunity for those interested in growing wealth and passive income. 
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  • Development - Embassy Works
  • London's transport zone 1
  • Developer - Garton Jones
  • One furnished apartment
  • Development - Kidbrooke Village
  • London's transport zone 3
  • Developer - Berkeley Group
  • Two unfurnished apartments
  • Both rented
  • Development - High Street Quarter
  • London's transport zone 4
  • Developer - Barratt
  • Two unfurnished apartments 
  • Date of completion - September 2020
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