7 ways to turn your house into the perfect lockdown home


As COVID-19 continues to spread, more and more of us are now working from home. Educational institutions were closed on quarantine, companies transferred employees to work remotely, and mass events were overall cancelled. The only way to fight this pandemic is to stay at home – a frightening idea for many, but it is an opportunity to reclaim the space in our homes. How can we combat the anxiety-provoking atmosphere of these troubled times? Why not take the opportunity to reorganise your interior and make it cosier?

We give you some precious tips to recreate at home an atmosphere of serenity during the lockdown.

Spring clean-up

A clean home is a happy home. This is the perfect chance to reconnect with your home and clean it thoroughly: wash the windows and screens, vacuum and shampoo the carpets, declutter your space and throw away the unwanted items or give to those who are in need. The air will feel fresh, relieve stress and allow easy breathing. By letting go and making free space, we also make room for the new.

Organise your workspace

Of course, quarantine is a temporary measure, and there is no need in a complete refurbishment. However, organising a small work-from-home space that is functional, comfortable and calming - is necessary. Ideally, it should be a separate room, where you could leave all the noise and household chores behind the closed door. If you don’t have a spare room to transform into a home office — or even space for a full desk — get creative. The best spots for a mini office in an apartment can be:

  • Balcony or terrace.
    An excellent choice which provides natural lighting and a flow of fresh air;
  • Bedroom corner. The best option for those who live in a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Kitchen. Suitable for all home types, just reorganise the dining or the bar table, and you’re good to go!
  • Storage room or the attic. Another great reason to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff and find that there is enough space for a workplace.

–°reate cosy spots

Who doesn’t want to cuddle up in a corner while reading a book, writing in a journal or playing a board game? Cosy corners provide a somewhat private and quiet spot where you can do simple but relaxing activities. For instance, place patio furniture set to enjoy the sunrise and sunset with a cup of coffee.

Set up a workout space

Working from home means doing less of physical activity: you do not need to walk to a bus stop or the parking lot, walk up the stairs or around the office. The lack of physical activity affects your health, mood and efficiency. Set up a basic workout space with the necessary equipment.

If you enjoy yoga or exercises with your own weight, a gym mat is all you need. More into intense workouts? Order online a set of dumbbells, weights and fitness bands.



Do those small jobs you’ve been putting off

Little DIY jobs can easily be done, for example, repairing a leaking tap, tightening the kitchen cabinets, greasing the squeaky door hinges, touching up paintwork, and replacing the flickering lights. By doing this you eliminate the sources of irritation.

Optimise your storage

It’s good when you know exactly where and what to look for. This is the case if your storage is appropriately organised and things are in place.

Begin by getting rid of the stuff you don’t need or use. Keep the necessary items at hand and place all the others where they should be. Make sure to organise everything in a way it is convenient to grab when needed, as it is more likely to stay in order longer.

Add some greenery

Plants purify the air and saturate it with oxygen. Pick the ones you like most and order them online. Most stores provide contactless delivery, which means you can easily turn your apartment balcony into a green haven without any risk! Or add colour to the inside interior by purchasing just a few succulents.

By getting rid of general clutter, you gain a sense of peacefulness. Aim to create an atmosphere of happiness in your home and turn it into a constant source of positive energy. Visualize the change in your home and attract the things that you want!

Stay home. Stay safe.

Nataliya Makhonina-Byrdan, Director & UK Property Advisors Team