The effect of Tube journey times on London weekly rents


We’d all like to live a bit closer to work, but how much are you willing to pay for this privilege?


In London, there certainly seems to be a strong connection between how much you pay in rent and how close you live to the city centre.

Here you can see a new Tube map has revealed the best locations to live in London to cut down journey times while saving rent. The map takes the station on each London Underground line with the average weekly rent as a starting point. It then shows journey times from there to all the other stations on that line, while taking into account the average weekly rent of properties located nearby.

Here are the top 10 locations that offer the best value in terms of both time and money with average weekly rent from £121 to £342: Seven Sisters, Greenford, North Acton, Kingsbury, Marylebone, Edgware Road, East Acton, Redbridge, Hatton Cross.

Seven Sisters on the Victoria line, with an average weekly rent of £209 and a journey time of 15 minutes to Green Park, came out on top.

Two lines perform most poorly: Northern and Piccadilly. Piccadilly line stations Turnham Green, Leicester Square, Convent Garden, and Hammersmith all feature in the bottom 10, as do Northern line stations Old Street, Moorgate, and Bank. To be fair, though, only Hammersmith and Turnham Green sit outside Zone 1, which might be why the others fare so badly for price.

The most expensive places with average weekly rent from £542 to £679: Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street, Stamford Brook, Green Park, Leicester Square, Hyde Park Corner. (The historical London centre)

The cheapest places average weekly rent from £121 to £326: Kenton, Greenford, Shepherd’s Bush Market, Elm Park, Plaistow, Kingsbury, Moor Park, Morden, Hatton Cross, Seven Sisters.



The research found that Londoners, on average, pay £7.20 for each minute they reduce off their journey and to gain an extra 10 minutes in bed would cost £3,744 each year.

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